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August 19, 2003 - Terms of CS-FREEWARE Software download and usage.

Hmmm!  We are still working on our terms, but you must at least agree to the following. Check back as we are likely to change our "Terms" at any time.

Basically, we don't want you to decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise utilize our software to create or otherwise modify a competing product.  

We do want you to use our software for the production of work, school projects, and for personal reasons.  

However, by using our software you agree to save Civil Solutions and our agents, which provided parts or pieces of these products, harmless in any event resulting from any use of the software.  The term "any" means every possible use of the software but explicitly also includes: damages resulting from installation, lost or damaged data files, time spent utilizing the software or recovering lost data, negligent use of the software, incorrect results, and unfamiliarity with proper use of the applications.  

Notes on the use of these products:

Civil Solutions does not provide any warrant of these utilities to provide accurate or even reasonable results. 
You may install and use any of the utilities provided on this page without payment of a subscription or registration fee.
Civil Solutions does not provide technical support for our shareware items.
Civil Solutions is constantly upgrading and changing our software products, however, we prioritize the "to-do" list based on the feedback we receive from our registered users of our other software.  You may ask for additional functions to be added to these products, and we may or may not get to them.
By using this software items provided below you agree to save Civil Solutions and our Staff harmless from any action resulting from the use of the products.  In exchange for this Civil Solutions will not charge a fee for the use of the products.

If you have read the above information, continue below to the listing of the products available for download.

If you like any of these products, please e-mail us or use our Feedback page to let us know.  Provide your e-mail address if you would like to be updated when additional items are added or changed.

Civil Solutions will not provide the software in hardcopy form.

Civil Solutions will not provide support on any freeware products.

We hope you enjoy the software.